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Well that had certainly been a very good run, hadn't it? Nearly three years back in London, but here she was in Luceti again.

This time, Vastra knew better than to assume that time had passed at a regular interval. It was good to see Jack, Eugene, Max, Loki, and Zevran were all still in residence, but with that assured she hurried back to her apartment without any announcement. It wouldn't do to concern them with her state of arrival. And, seeing as she was not blind, deaf, cold, or lost, Vastra much preferred that she be dressed in something less meager when she assured her friends of her return. She knew the way after walking for a ways, but took care not to be seen by anyone. She hadn't lost friends, so much time couldn't have passed, but that didn't mean that everyone she met in the woods would be kind to an unarmed lizard woman.

Back in her apartment, Vastra was a little unnerved to find all of her furniture from years ago exactly where it had stood when she'd left. Everything covered in the appropriate white sheets, kitchen and icebox cleaned, the laundry had even been taken care of.

“Apparently, someone was expecting my return,” she said, peering under one of the sheets and hoping she wouldn't find Eugene sleeping there. Only throw pillows, thankfully. Everything in her shelves hadn't been sent back to the item shop at least, her weapons still hung clean and ready above the mantle, all in all the room was just as she would have liked it years ago. Save for Jenny's constant presence. Pouring the tea, despite all they were to one another.

Vastra smiled to herself as she moved into the bedroom to ascertain the state of which gowns she still had. Perhaps the Malnosso weren't so cruel-- they had given Vastra another three years with her wife when she had been at her lowest. But now, apparently, there was more for her to do in Luceti.


Ah yes, just like calibrating a dual-signal chronometer. Or a bicycle, as most of you would say. One never forgets.

Well, someone went to the trouble of keeping the dust off of my chez-lounge and coffee table, so I suspect that at least some time has passed. It's been nearly three years by my reckoning, however I hope it has not been quite so long for the rest of you. If it has, my condolences, not much seems to have changed at all.

...and I do hope no one is missing their sheets. [She steps out of the frame-- her living room is a mess of furniture-shaped ghosts.] If you are, I believe I've found them.
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[Action/Accidental Video]

[Perhaps it had been her previous encounter with Edmundo 'The Self-Proclaimed Blade' that had Vastra unwilling to exit her apartment without carrying her sword with her. Truth be told, whenever she's out and about her bustle hides more than just padding, so she's never completely unarmed. But until a few days had passed without any vandalism-related incidents, Vastra mentally refuses to go anywhere without her sword.]


[Early in the afternoon, as she's heading for the stables, Vastra is approached by four droids with clear intentions of subduing her. Their intentions don't last very long--Vastra made a hobby of taking apart sentient machines before her time in Luceti. Ones with artificial intelligence weren't exactly difficult to dispatch.]

[She stands, a little winded from the battle (it's been a while since she's had four targets at once) and surrounded by droid parts.]

I think not. [She mutters to herself as she examines her sword and rolls her eyes in supreme annoyance. Of course her sword is damaged, it had always been damaged after every dealing with a Cyberman. The hem of her gown has also been completely ripped out, in addition to the underarms of both sleeves, and her lip is split--she is a very irate mess right about now.]

[And what's more, Vastra now realizes that her journal was recording the whole thing. Grimacing, she quickly shuts it and ends the feed.]

[Intentional Video]

I had been wondering how long it would be before the Malnosso attempted to get my attention with some of their robotic servants. However I did not appreciate the method of the invitation at all. And neither did my sword.

[She brings said weapon into frame. In places, it closely resembles a bread knife, there are so many dents in the blade.] Yes, I know I should simply take it to the weapons shop, however this blade is of very particular intrinsic value and I don't want to leave it just anywhere without knowing it is being properly cared for. I am hoping to speak with someone directly regarding doing a repair.
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Since our return to Luceti, I have been returning to my desk and pen and the strange land of fiction.  It has been remarkably therapeutic after a difficult month, but part of me is curious as to whether anyone would be curious enough to read what I have been working on.  Before you all cringe, it is far from a first draft.

My life has never been categorized as 'typical' though, so it is hardly one of those novels that seeks to delve into the human condition. I don't have the patience to read that sort of thing.

No, what I've written is something far more interesting. It's about a doctor, and his friend happens to go missing after an excursion to Tibet. The wife of the doctor's friend fears the worst, and the wife and the doctor set off, with a brash nurse in tow, to discover the whereabouts of the friend.

Along the way, they encounter several acquaintances of the friend and each offers some guidance or active aid. For example, they meet a married couple studying strange diseases of the brain at Oxford, a very friendly if not excitable magician residing briefly in Turkey, a Russian and an American, both operatives for a clandestine organization founded by Queen Victoria, a very friendly entrepreneur trying desperately to convince her fiance not to stage their wedding in a volcano, and a Nordic prince and his baking-inclined lady. Now that has all the makings of a riveting story, wouldn't you say?

I will be at the cafe this afternoon, should anyone be curious enough.


[And sure enough, she is. With her tea and sandwich.]
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[Backdated to the morning of June 4th.]


I am afraid that a rather unfortunate accident has occurred in Community Housing 1 on the first floor. My carpet caught fire last night, as well as a few other things inside my rooms. I apologize for the smell of smoke, but I assure you it was entirely necessary at the time. Today I will be removing the offending articles and I sincerely hope that will do something for the smell. Until then I can only ask for your understanding.


[The recording comes a scant few seconds after the notice about the carpet. Vastra's tone is certainly annoyed and clipped.]

And while I did set my own carpet on fire, it was the product of an extremely ill-spirited joke that was inflicted on me last night. The details of which are unimportant save for this: something must be done about Loki. He remains under the influence of a spirit and I can only reason that the level of his 'pranks' will most likely escalate and could very easily get someone killed.

But I am almost certain this cannot be accomplished by only myself. If you are a friend of his, he needs help that is most likely beyond my ability alone. I will be at home, Community Housing 1, first floor, number four, if discussion must be conducted in person.


[While waiting for responses, Vastra is setting to cleaning out her apartment of everything that was burned. Rugs, an endtable, a small sofa... everything is being assembled in a small pile to go outside the housing building. But she's almost certain the stink is never going to leave.]

[At least she's still alive, despite the severity of the situation. It could have gone in a very different direction--and Vastra can't help but wonder if Loki would have put a stop to it if her life had been in more serious danger. She sighs and puts the pointless question to the back of her mind and continues working.]
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[By Vastra's reckoning, years have passed. Her position at Scotland Yard has been elevated considerably, and in addition her little inner circle has expanded to a veritable 'Gang' of sorts. She and Jenny were married and happy, the Doctor had some of his familiar spark back, and yet...]

[Vastra leaves the woods, her hat veil trailing behind her as she carries it in her hand. Luceti, again. Warmer this time, thankfully, however it was not a welcome sight.]

[Not much seems to have changed, though upon her return to Luceti Vastra regrets leaving behind the few friends she had made. Natasha, Mr. Barnes, Miss Amelia, and Loki to name a few. However life went on and it went at a very quick clip after her return. Now those feelings of regret were resurfacing. Part of her wonders if they escaped, and hopes they did. Part of her feels slightly deflated that should they be gone, she would have to start completely over. This time with the knowledge that her wife was missing her, not just her paramour.]

[She walks down into the village, the path still familiar, repositioning the black hat and veil over her face. She takes it in, as much as she can, and feels very uneasy when she gets the sense that the changes she sees are extremely superficial...]

[When she arrives at the room she had, there is plastic over the furniture--and though the clothes and personal items are gone, it appears the heavier things never moved. Vastra pulls the cover off her familiar chair, sits, and opens her journal.]


Is there anyone here who recalls seeing me a few years ago? I realize this is most likely a strange message, however as unsettling as Luceti is, little seems to have changed since my departure. I suppose this is simply the nature of this place?
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[The feed starts up and Vastra doesn't appear to be fumbling with the controls at all. Apparently someone did some testing before actually putting anything out into JournalSpace and looking like a right moron. Or she's just very good with video interface, either one.]

I have realized that aside from these bizarre 'experiments' we are semi-routinely exposed to, there is not much to be done in the way of entertaining those with more specific interests. Where I am from, I assist the local police in the solving of crimes and apprehending of said criminals.

From what I have seen, there is a nearly nonexistent crime rate in Luceti, which is frankly quite astonishing given the number of us and the wide range of species and beliefs. However, should anyone require some detective work, I am officially making myself available to investigate any valid cases brought to my attention. Should anyone wish to make an appointment to discuss a private matter, a message may be left under this particular entry. Conversely if you happen to be in the neighborhood of the battle simulator facility, I will be there until approximately three in the afternoon.

[She looks thoughtful for a moment, then frowns slightly.] How does one typically end these sorts of broad addresses? I'm not certain. [After another moment of pensiveness, she sighs briefly and just kills the feed. She'll figure it out eventually.]


[True to her word, Vastra is at the Battledome for most of the late morning and early afternoon. She's thankful that she's discovered the place, and figured out how to work it, because she's more than certain that her skills are getting rusty. Anyone who comes upon her will find Vastra fighting (what else?) Cybermen in a spaceship-type setting. She's very graceful, but clearly also a fierce and slippery warrior as she slides around the marching metal men and drives her blade through their necks or eyes with deadly precision. She can take on two or three at a time, even. The look in her eyes is one of fierce concentration, but also careful restraint--as though she were angry, but refused to show it.]
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[Sometimes the path of life curves in an interesting way. And sometimes the little bridge you were walking over spontaneously develops a hole, and you have no idea where you've landed because the little bridge that should be over your head is gone.]

[Vastra has felt this feeling before, when she awoke to a world no longer ruled by her kind, but by mankind. It was a dark time in her life, and she reasoned there would be no darker time for her. Of course, she'd reasoned incorrectly.]

[From what she can tell, where she is now isn't England, or any country or planet she'd heard of before. But that isn't the ultimate problem. The problem is that there's snow on the ground, and she's barely dressed. No skirts, no coat, no hat, no cloak, no gloves, no shoes, and she's freezing in her little flimsy dress with strangely short sleeves. A few Cybermen-like figures slog through the snow nearby, though Vastra figured out hours ago that they weren't actual Cybermen. Fortunate, given she has no sword either.]

[As she makes her progress through the trees, Vastra can feel that the climate is getting warmer, but not warm enough to stave off her body's automatic hibernation. She rests herself against a tree briefly, to rest, and tries to stave off the heavy feeling of her body shutting down. If she hibernated now, who knew when she would wake up again?]

((OOC: Vastra's arrived! And she's somewhere between Ice Age and Space Opera! Where her journal is though, is a good question.....))


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